Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/23

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Subject: Re: plastic in M6?
From: Stephen <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 21:51:15 -0800

Erwin Puts wrote:

> >
> >M3 is also my 2nd body.  Holding a M3 feels like holding a big chunk
> of
> >steel.  M6 has too much plastic in it.  The good thing about M6 is
> its
> >meter.  In a situation where light does not change much I would
> always use
> >M3 than M6.
> >
> >>
> >>/Leslie
> >>
> >>
> (snip)
> I
> also use an M6 and M3 in parallel. But changing from one to the other
> gives
> me hardly any different feel.
> Erwin

   There is a mental side of this as well as technical.

The M3/M2 have NO external plastic parts.  I see steel and chrome, and
therefore feel steel and chrome.   The M6 has external tipped levers, as
well as some sort of covering which FEELS like its plastic--even if its
not.   Whatever the technical composition of the tried and true M3/M2
vulcanite, it definitely does not FEEL like plastic.

So many people over the years have commented on the M3/M2 FEELING
smoother in the film advance than the M4-2 and later cameras, it is
commonly accepted--though not by everyone.  The Leica explanation is
that the later camera have hardened gears which makes for a rougher film
advance.  The usual collector's explanation is lower quality workmanship
and craftsmanship.  Whatever school you adhere to, it's important to
look at the other side too just to understand your own position.


Stephen Gandy