Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/08/22

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Subject: [Leica] Dream Darkroom
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 08:18:34 -0400

I have nothing much to say.
But I sure would like to see what YOU have to say on this topic ...

A starting point could be one of these:

	Would you prefer a solid plastic laminate counter top
	or a granite one ?

	Does you air management system make you wish
	you had given more attention to noise levels ?

	What about dust management? Positive air filtration?
	Anti-static sprays everywhere? Or better ?

	Would you consider hanging your enlarger from the ceiling
	rather than the traditional weighed base approach ?

	Would you then place the enlarger against a wall
	or develop some island work area in the middle of
	your dream darkroom?

	What's your reference height for your dream darkroom:
	waist level, or higher up so as to limit bending positions
	over the years ?

	What's your favorite photo paper and chemicals
	storage solution ? Versus the best you've seen anywhere?

	Have you found a cheap way to heat / recirculate /
	recondition water as part of your private water saving program?

	Would you use shiny surfaced materials to help
	gain a sense of direction, if but as a eye level band
	around the darkroom lab, for instance?
	Or is anything shiny or reflective a most definitive no-no?

	What's your favorite enlarger ? A Leica model
	or one from another manufacturer?

	How about: what's the ultimate enlarger lens ?

	Are your 16" x 20" really awesome?
	What's the secret?

	Do you enjoy Zone System black & white ?
	Preferred film? Preferred chemicals?
	Preferred paper(s) ? Preferred chemicals?

	What's the one chemical you've found
	you would never do without again in the darkroom?

	What's your secret for that incredible gloss
	of your most prized prints ?
	OR, do you stay well away from glossy prints altogether?

	Do you find any merit in toning some prints for
	a specific impression you are looking for sometimes ?

	What's your idea of state-of-the-art where
	enlarger illumination schemes are concerned ?

	Are you considering E-6 : manual or automated
	machine? Do you manually mount your slides
	or is there a semi or automated unit you'd like people
	to try for its excellence?

	Do you get really great results with color negative prints?
	Any inside... ? Preferred supplier(s) ?

	Do other people have access to your lab
	or is it a private garden, more or less ?

	Do you use automated color correction?
	Which system was the worst for you? The Best ?

	What approach does the best justice to your Leica
	originated negatives ?

Well, I can't believe I'm doing this.
Better have some breakfast...  ;+)