Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/08/25

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Bike (w/Leica content)
From: "Ken Iisaka" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 20:43:19 -0700

No carbon fibre or aluminium bicycle in my stable!

1988 Pinarello Montello (Columbus SLX)
1990 Concorde Europa
1991 Miyata Elevation 2000
1995 Bilenky Tinker tandem
1995 Lightning P-38 (daily commuter)
1997 Rans Screamer tandem

Plenty of Shi(t)mano components, but some SunTour and Campagnolo, too.  No
Simplex (Foca) or Huret, though.

> Steel is real
> Serotta Colorado II
> Fat Chance Team Fat Chance
> Henry Ambrose
> >i've got campy chorus on my '91 Serotta Nova road frame (columbus slx
> >fork).
> >ditto on my '93 Chris Kvale custom road frame (also steel--nivacrom w/sl
> >fork)
> >
> >must say, though, i rode plenty miles on my old Specialized carbon fiber
> >frame and my first good bike was a Raleigh (aluminum) frame (both of
> >came shimano-equipped).
> >whatever gets you down the road.....
> >
> >kim
> >
> >At 10:47 AM 8/25/1999 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Rob McClure:
> >> > I was just thinking (a scarey thought)  Does anyone want to talk
> >> > about great bicycles?  I have three Cannondales...
> >>
> >>Alexey:
> >>Harumph. You asked for it.
> >>
> >>Shimano = Canon; STI = autofocus; Aluminum/carbon = disposable...
> >>Mavic = Zeiss/Contax; Campy = Leica...
> >>
> >>..and a handbuilt *steel* frame is what you Leica users really
> >>ought to be riding, and equipped with campy/mavic/stronglight/TA stuff
> >>SEW-UP TIRES - *not* clinchers.
> >>
> >>************************************************************************
> >>************
> >>
> >>I was going to make a similiar comment, but I refrained since I still
> >>a circa '86 Cannondale road frame hanging out in the shed. I did a
> >>rides this summer on my custom lugged steel Eisentraut with the m6 and
> >>in my jersey pocket, but then switched to a Rollei 35se for most of my
> >>biking. The thought of taking a spill with $3000 worth of camera in my
> >>pocket made me a bit uneasy. The $350 Rollei is obviously much smaller
> >>lighter, capable of taking nice pictures, and much easier on the
> >>to replace in case of an accident.
> >>
> >>My wife and I did a 3-week bike trip around Ireland a few years back,
and I
> >>carried the m6 and 35 in a front bag much like Walt describes, or in a
> >>fanny pack. Bicycle touring and Leica M's are a perfect combination and
> >>great way to see a country. Instead of driving around on major roads and
> >>zipping from one tourist attraction to the next, you are biking along at
> >>10mph on small backroads really seeing the people and country. You are
> >>going slow enough that you can really see photo opportunities unfold
> >>infront of you, but fast enough to cover a fair bit of ground in a day.
> >>was very easy to quickly stop anywhere and take some pictures.
> >>
> >>If I were to take a similiar trip again I would probably bring 2 M's
> >>35 and 50 in a front bag. I would then pack in my panniers a 21 and 90
> >>the times I wanted a wider or longer lens. The 9 lb Ries tripod and 4x5
> >>field camera outfit would probably stay at home this time, and I would
> >>bring along a lighter tripod and perhaps a Fuji 690 for the times I
> >>a larger negative.
> >>
> >>Tom Finnegan
> >>Seattle
> >>
> >
> >