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Subject: Re: [Leica] 135/3.4 APO Telyt vs 135/2.8 Elmarit
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:12:05 EST

> At 05:01 PM 3/14/02 -0500, B. D. Colen wrote:
>  >
>  >I doubt, however, that in this day-and-age, you will find virtually anyone
>  >(yes, I'm sure there are a few - that's why I said 'virtually anyone -) 
>  >shoots for a living, including those who regularly shoot with Leicas, who
>  >uses lenses over 90 mm on rangefinder.

.......I don't shoot for a living - not photographs anyway - and as I wrote 
earlier today, within the last six months I have sold my last two 135 
rangefinder lenses. Longest RF is a 90mm.
>  Gosh, BD.  I hadn't realized this was the "Leica-Shooters-For-Money" List.
>  I must have wandered into the wrong shop by mistake -- I had thought it was
>  the Leica Users Group.

>  Now, I believe the LUG to be a general List for those interested in using
>  Leica gear, especially rangefinders.  This topic has come up throughout my
>  six years or whatever on the LUG, and it does seem that quite a few of our
>  folks do experience difficulties with the 135mm frame-line.  But, equally,
>  there are a number of folks who do not seem to experience the problems you
>  guys do.

B.D.'s comment was, of course, hyperbole but unless I missed an earlier post 
it was not aimed personally, something that cannot be said of the following:
>  Perhaps it would have been best had you phrased your comment cited above as
>  a personal statement instead of handing it down as a Diktat from Mount 
> nice, Marc. It was a personal statement. I thought we were getting 
over the snide condescension.
>  Again, it is a broad and inclusive universe and photography is a broad art
>  which accomodates many needs and many means and many approaches.  

Right on.

> I like the 135mm frame-line and you do not, must read, Marc; B.D. said that if you like the 135mm focal 
length, it works much better with a reflex. I agree as do many others. I 
believe that most Leica photographers who use both RF and SLR will have the 
135 for reflex use. In fact, even before I sold my 135's, I can't remember 
the last time I used one on an M camera. I came to use the 135/2,8 Elmarit-M 
with Leitz focussing mount and M-to-R  adapter, not real convenient, no 
automatic diaphragm but for me better than using it on an M. 

Having said that, Leica surely believes there is a substantial market for the 
APO-Telyt else they wouldn't have invested the significant money to design 
and produce it. And I hope they are right. With the .85 cameras and the new 
VF 1.25X magnifier, it may well be that the 135mm focal length will become 
more useful a rangefinder lens than it has been since the advent of the SLR.

Seth           LaK 9  

Also said that for the price of the new APO-Telyt one can buy a Leica SLR and 
an excellent 135mm. Nothing wrong with that. 
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