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Subject: [Leica] fs. 04.11.03
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 03:04:10 -0400

The Photo Village, Inc.
594 Broadway, Suite #410
in SoHo, NYC... Just 2 blocks south of the Leica Gallery.

Please call (646) 613-1107 or email.

Interested in Piezo Printing?  The LUG meeting on Sunday at the International Center of Photography.

This Sunday at ICP, I have been invited to make a presentation which will illustrate how I go from my Leica negs. to digital prints for the NYLUG group. If you have always wondered what YOUR negs would look like printed in Quad Tone...we are offering too ALL LUG members to do a print at our re-print price with a free scan. Check our site soon for more details under the "Scan and Print" section.

Contact John Lee for info. to attend the meeting.


Leica MP kits, MP body in black paint .72 New, USA $2595
28mm PC lens, Schneider SA design, one of the most interesting R lenses, collaboration, Mint $1695
Leica R9 black, demo, LN, taken out of the box for one day was $1995, then $1950, now $1900!
Leica O-Series, near Mint demo, funky camera, collectible, nice price $850
New run of Leica GMP grips, the nicest metal M grip, last run of the year $89 ea. (while they last!)

- --------------------

Cosina-Voigtlander Leica Mount Products: 

Sale!!! Buy a 21f4.0 Skopar for $345 + a Bessa T for $205 and get an INSTANT rebate of $20!
The best deal around for this pair, new and perfect for each other.

Abrahamsson Mini Softie, engraved w/Voigtlander "V" in gold, normal price $15
Voigtlander Bessa R2, black or olive, nice little camera. $485
Voigtlander Bessa T, black or chrome, while they last... $205
Voigtlander 15f4.5 Super Wide, black, with finder, beats the Hologon and only $379
Voigtlander 21f4.0 Skopar, black, with finder $345 
Voigtlander 28f3.5 Skopar, black or chrome,  $300, now $275
Voigtlander 28mm metal finder, nicest I've seen (including Leica's) and only $150
Voigtlander 35f2.5 classic, tiny and sharp, priced right at $250
Voigtlander 75f2.5 Heliar, black or chrome $300
Voigtlander 90f3.5 APO Lanthar, black or chr., small and light  $375
Voigtlander VC chrome, Exc++ $60
Voigtlander Strap adapter for VC meter, another cool accessory by Cosina $20
Voigtlander Rapid Winder for R, T or R2, black, new, In Stock $175 ($150 w/body)
Voigtlander 40mm finder, only a few in stock $125 (LUG/LEG/MUG special)

Leica M Bodies, Lenses, Finders & Motor Drives

Leica MP, black paint, beautiful, box, caps, strap, papers and more $2550 (IN STOCK)
Leica M7, New, USA all types in stock. Get them before next price raise hits!
Leica M6 TTL Millennium, black paint, near Mint, boxed, complete was $2999, now $2895
Leica M6 TTL LHSA black paint, near Mint, boxed, looks unused $2495 (only one in stock)
Leica M6 TTL .72 New, USA, black $1895
Leica M6 TTL .72 black, new import, last of the new M6's $1695
Leica M6 TTL .72 chrome, Mint-, late, boxed $1395
Leica M6 TTL .72 black, Mint-, case $1395
Leica M6 TTL .72 Titanium, 1 year US warr. Mint-, boxed. was $2050, now $1950
Leica M6 TTL .58 black, Mint-, hardly a mark, will soon be hard to get at all... $1495 
Leica M6 TTL .85 chrome, near Mint, nice 1 year US warr. $1495
Leica M6 TTL .85 black, near Mint, boxed, complete $1495
Leica M6 "classic" Titanium, near Mint, boxed $1995
Leica M6 .72 "classic" Mint, sealed Leica demo, black, 1 year US warr. $1395
Leica M6 .72 "classic" chrome, Exc+ (no dents, dings, just a few scuffs) works well, great user $1199
Leica M6 .85 "classic" near Mint, black, rare $1395
Leica M4 chrome, Mint- late number was $1895, now $1795
Leica M4 chrome, Exc++, perf. mechanics and recent CLA $1450  
Leica M2 LR ST, over 1.1 million, preview lever, Exc+ $1100
Leica M2 BR, good user $800 
Leica Quick Load kit for M2 $60
Leica 21f2.8 ASPH Elmarit, black, Mint, boxed, 1 year warr. $1795
Leica 21f2.8 ASPH Elmarit, black near Mint, caps, shade, was  $1595, now $1495!
Leica 24f2.8 ASPH Elmarit, black, new import $1695
Leica 28f2.0 ASPH, black, Mint-, caps $1495
Leica 28f2.8 previous version, Mint- perf. glass only $795!
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH black paint, New, USA $1695
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH, new import $1295
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH, Mint, black, caps, shade $1150
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH, chrome, near Mint $1150
Leica 35f1.4 ASPH Titanium, Mint/boxed, was $1995, now $1850 ***this weeks web special***
Leica 35f1.4 ASPH chrome, near Mint, perf. glass, caps $1445
Leica 35f1.4 pre-ASPH, round shade, tiny, some love this lens! black, w/filter $850
Leica 50f2.8 Elmar, black, collap. Mint, box $465 ***new low!***
Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, demo, current, 1 yr USA warranty, Exc+ $795
Leica 50f2.0 rigid, some barrel wear, nice glass $395
Leica 50f1.4 Summilux, chrome Mint- $1450
Leica 50f1.0 Noctilux, new import, best deal!  $2095
Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, dual range, Exc++/Mint-, great performer $495
Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, chrome, rigid, Exc+ $395
Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, 50 Jahre, chrome, we got 1 more, if you missed it, one last chance $1395
Leica 90f2.0 ASPH Summicron new import $1595
Leica 90f2.0 pre-ASPH Summicron, black, Exc+ $750
Leica 90f2.8 Tele Elmarit, skinny (the good one) with caps, hood, all Mint- $595
Leica 135f4.0 M, Elmar, really nice shape, $245
Leica 135f2.8 M, with eyes, Exc+, perf. glass $545

Leica R Cameras, Lenses and More:

RARE: Leica 35-70f2.8 ASPH, Mint & boxed, only 200 or so made, legendary $6000

Leica R9, New, USA, black 5 year US warr. $2095
Leica R9, like new, shown in store for one day, warranty was $1995, now $1950
Leica R6.2 R, last of the mechanical R's, near Mint/boxed $1495
Leica R6.2 R, Mint, case, body cap $1295 ***this weeks web special***
Leica R4 Olympic w/motor drive, Mint-, rarely seen $595
Leica Ever Ready Case for R6.2 $145
Leica Motor Drive and grip for R6.2 (to be sold to buyer of a R6.2 body.)
Leica R8/R9 Motor Drive kit, Mint, boxed, complete as new (new price $799) one only $500
Leica SL2, black, near Mint $1350
Leica 16mmf2.8 Elmarit, 3 cam, slight sep. inner element, otherwise Exc+ $450
Leica 21mmf4.0 Super Angulon, near Mint/Mint, caps and shade, Wetzlar $895
Leica 28f2.8 Elmarit, Exc++, caps, case, shade, 3rd cam $595
Leica 28 PC lens, perspective correction, made by Schneider, rare used, Mint $1695
Leica 35f2.0 Summicron, late, E55, pull out shade, 3 cam, Mint- was$945, now $899
Leica 35f2.0 Summicron, earlier version, shade/filter, Exc/Exc+ was $555, now $495
Leica 50f2.0 Summicron ROM, Mint demo, 1 year US warr. $795
Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, 3 cam, Mint- boxed was $450, now $395
Leica 90f2.8 Elmarit, 3 cam, tiny telephoto, was $395, now $289
Leica 100f2.8 APO Elmarit, 3 cam, sharp! near Mint was $1450, now $1250
Leica 180f2.8 older style, 3 cam, Exc+ w/Mint glass $595
Leica 180f4.0 Elmar, compact and sharp, rarely seen this nice, Mint-/Mint, was $750, now $700
Leica 280f2.8 APO R, ROM'd, in metal case, many acc. Mint- $2900
Leica 21-35f3.5-4.0 ASPH R, near Mint/boxed was $1700, now $1599 ***this weeks web special***

- -----------------------

Imacon "Photo" 6x17cm scanner, refirb., 6 mo. USA warranty, 1 only @ $3500
Leica 50 Jahre 50mmf2.0 Anniversary lens, nice replica of the rigid, new USA $1400 (one left...great match for the chrome MP!)
The Leica Bumper, a re-making of the classic Leica accessory, only eye cup for an M camera $75
Wasserman rewind cranks, fits M2/3, we bought the last 21 units, black or chr., only $40
Leica M grip, (Leica brand) Mint, $69
Leica R8/R9 Motor Drive kit, Mint $500
Canon 10D's ....more due in today! Friday! Get one by MONDAY $1500 (lenses in stock)

- -----------------------

Please call (646) 613-1107 12-8pm most M-Sat. Call to be sure.
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