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Subject: Re: [Leica] re: gun balderdash & photos
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 18:42:53 +1000

boy, you yanks love your cookies ;-)

On Tuesday, Sep 2, 2003, at 11:50 Australia/Melbourne, Kyle Cassidy 

> i managed to snap this photo saturday night after my friend nicki
> ( accidentally shot my friend paul 
> (
> when he was trying to swipe a cookie for her. it was all just 
> horseplay but
> the gun went off (eh, go figure). (lugger colin voze 
> (
> was there too.) the wound looks ghastly, but he was actually okay. the
> enterance wound is actually _really_ small. it looks a whole lot worse 
> than
> it actually is.
> what people seem to have a hard time grasping is that americans are 
> armed
> because the rest of the world belongs to us. we need to stay armed to
> protect you from yourselves. (imagine an armed norway with no armed 
> america,
> imagine an armed micronesia with no armed america....) ocassionally 
> there
> are mishaps (like nicki shooting paul when she didn't mean to). BUT an 
> armed
> america means a safer world for the rest of you second and third world
> countries. dont you forget it.
> kc
> (ps: expecting to see praise and thanksgiving from all the LUG 
> foreigners,
> we keep your shores safe, i need NOT remind you)
> p.p.s.: i'd thought she shot him with a 50 cal desert eagle, but on 
> looking
> at the photo, it was probably one of the smaller cal desert eagles's 
> with
> the higher mag capacity -- some expert on the lug, i'm deferring to 
> you)
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