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Subject: [Leica] Will you put filter in front of your Noctilux
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 13:42:12 -0500

> wildlightphoto at wrote:
>> Roger Hart wrote:
>> People can talk all they want about not wanting to put another piece of
>> glass in front of their expensive lens...but if you buy a high-quality
>> filter, no one in the world could tell the difference in your photographs.
> This is sort of a tangent, but I just compared some B&W MRC UV filters
> to some Hoya HDs (they come in the black box). Both are supposed to be
> top of the line.
> Build quality- B+W wins if you like heavy chunks of brass. The Hoya
> stuff is as good as it gets in aluminum. I've found the brass threads
> from B+W can be rough, I have put wax on them so they don't tear up my
> lenses.
> reflections- the B+W MRCs are far more reflective than the Hoya HD
> stuff. Both are good though.
> The new B+W "thin" filters are thinner than their usual stuff, but the
> difference isn't much with you compare them side by side to anything
> else. A lense cap will fit on them, but it's only by about 2 threads.
> Also, B+W just discontinued all blue cooling filters as of 1-1-2010. I
> bought as many as I could from various dealers, and can't find any other
> maker of multicoated cooling filters at this point.

Got a website? Any pictures?

Mark William Rabiner

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