Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/04/10

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Subject: Inappropriate Language
From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 18:26:37 -0400

At 04:25 PM 4/10/97 EDT, Thomas P Myro wrote:

>Dr Clompus is more accurate than most of you can believe.  It is not
>uncommon to see whitetails wandering the streets of larger cities like
>Reading and Allentown.  It is substantially less uncommon to see them in
>more rural areas.  I'm only driving for the last 12 years, but have hit
>and killed 5 deer.  Unfortunately, this has also killed 3 cars.
>My wife doesn't approve of hunting, so I don't do it anymore, but if any
>of you want to come to PA to kill a few deer, I will be greatly
>I can't seem to find anything in the PA Game Hunting rulebook that
>prohibits the use of small nuclear weapons, or large ones for that
>matter.  I would imagine the "no firing zone" around houses and buildings
>would have to be increased.
>The 3rd deer I hit made me temporarily mad.  I'm not sure if the car
>killed it, or my kicking the #@#%$^$# thing.  Try hitting a 175 lb animal
>on I81 or I84 sometime.  The new 65mph speed limit makes it even more

This is gross and grotesque.  We have lots of deer here in Western
Virginia.  I've hit a few.  I hit a few when I lived in California.  

But having such an unfortunate occurrence has never made me feel any desire
to extirpate an entire species.  We are doing enough of this inadvertently
- -- surely we don't need to wish to 'KILL THEM ALL'.  This is, simply put,
disgusting talk.

I really doubt that the deer were setting out, Mr Myro, to destroy your
cars at the cost of their own lives.  Let's not be foolish.

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