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Subject: Re: [Leica] Report on putting in a digital darkroom....
From: "Steve Barbour" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 17:07:04 -0700
References: <>

Nice set-up DJ...good luck with it...Steve

> Sure, prices are pretty public on this stuff. 
> The PC was $2900 with an 18" flat screen monitor
> (looked at a Dell and a build it myself option, the
> Dell was $800 more and had a 19" monitor, the build it
> myself was about the same as the Gateway. The printers
> were $1800 (for the two of them new) can buy
> these used on eBay for a lot less, but this is old
> technology and I was concerned about the condition of
> what I would get as it might have been used in an
> office or seen really heavy duty (and especially since
> there were so many things that were not officially
> supported, so new it was). The Photoshop I got as an
> upgrade for $229 because I had Photoshop Elements
> packaged with my scanner.  The scanner was about $375.
> The Genuine Fractals come in two flavors one for about
> $200 and one for about $300 depending on which version
> of 2.5 you get....or if you have GF, as Tim pointed
> out the upgrades are very reasonable. 
> The inks, software and a few packs of paper (about 150
> sheets of 8.5x11 and 100 of 17x22) was pretty
> expensive at about $1,700. Of this a little over $700
> was for the software so was a one time expense.  They
> tell me the inks last a long time...I hope so. 
> All told with equipment, software, paper, inks, racks
> to put it on, lights to shine in the printers so I can
> see to clean them, etc. it was about $7,500.  

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