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Subject: [Leica] The Wall, Ted Grants message, and names
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Fri Apr 16 11:14:19 2004

I strikes me the that the Vietnam Memorial and the proposed WWII
monument are two very different beasts. The Vietnam Memorial is not
simply a 'war memorial,' it is at once a very stirring memorial to the
sacrifice of those who served, whose service was often denigrated at the
time of the war, and a powerful anti-war memorial - not anti-Vietnam war
per se, but anti-War. One cannot spend any time at that memorial without
thinking about the loss reflected by those tablets, and at least asking
when such sacrifice is worthwhile.

As to WWII- Adam is right - the very independent existence of the U.S.
all the countries that fell under Axis domination is a monument to WWII
-to say nothing of the Iwo Jima memorial, Arlington National Cemetery,
and the countless number of WWII memorials around the U.S., and western

The Mall in D.C. is becoming far too cluttered; one of the wonderful
things about the Vietnam Memorial is that it doesn't clutter the Mall,
but is incorporated into it.

B. D.

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It's important to remember that the Wall was itself very controversial
when its design was selected and then built with many vet groups
decrying it and demanding that a more tradition monument be built. It
was, but it is completely overshadowed by the power of the Wall. I
believe there is a documentary about the process but I haven't had time
to google around to find it.

Alas the movement to build a WW II monument on the Mall missed the point
- that the existance of the West is the monument for the battle they
fought so now the National Mall will have a vast monument added. Well,
maybe I'm as wrong as the critics of the Wall.

The Wall is a powerful memorial, whether the small one on tour (that was
here in the Central Valley quite recently), or the actual one on the
Mall overseen by Lincoln. There are names of friends on that way, people
I went to school with, a sea of names, a reminder of the price we all
paid, those most especially, for war.

Adam Bridge

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