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Subject: [Leica] Re:photographic supplies
From: Summicron1 at (
Date: Wed Nov 24 21:20:13 2004

speaking as a newspaper reporter, it sounds to me as if you are talking to 
"the guys at the shop who heard it from someone else who heard it from 
else" who, most likely, heard it from the same people the first guy did.

In these situations rumors are rampant -- it is best to not waste time 
talking to people in individual shops and go straight to the company, which 
the news 
items seem to have done.

Do you really think the photo industry can let go a third of the market 
in the world? Ilford's production will be taken up, probably by someone who 
buys it at a garage sale price and doesn't have the debt that ilford does 
Inthe long run this will be good for everyone.

c trentelman
In a message dated 11/24/04 9:22:27 PM, writes:

> They are the supplier.? I talked to several people on the phone there 
> today 
> and none could say what they are selling besides what's left on the 
> shelf.? 
> They said they would try to continue to have some product available in the 
> future, but they didn't know who would be making it.
> I talked to several people on the phone as I was transferred around and 
> got 
> some comments that Kodak was cutting more paper production too, but no one 
> would say for sure what and when.
> Curtis

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