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Subject: [Leica] Re: fibre based printing in the uk
From: jcb at (JCB)
Date: Sun Nov 28 17:30:27 2004
References: <>

Peter Hogan took over Barry Thornton's chemistry products. Peter is himself 
a very fine photographer/printer. I suggest, if you haven't already, pose 
your question to him. He says that he will reply to all contacts.


Sales enquiries; 


By fax; 01753 632838

Monochrome Photography,
PO Box 3129


At 02:40 PM 11/28/2004, Leopold Green wrote:

>For many years a wonderful photographer and master printer called Barry 
>Thornton used to develop and print my films/occasional picture - 
>unfortunately [and this really is a time when the word I use is simply not 
>fitting for its task] Barry died a little while seems selfish 
>and cavalier [mentioning death and the search for quality photographic 
>printing in the same sentance] to reduce this text to the next part about 
>searching around the UK to find someone else who could produce a print as 
>fine as a [leica] lens is able to take but I have tried for nearly two 
>years and to no avail.
>so my question - does any UK lugger [or indeed any lugger] know of someone 
>who can and will [for remuneration] produce the sort of fine print that 
>many of you [equipped with years of experience and/or real 
>darkroom/photoshop experience] are able to achieve for yourself.
>if anyone has any recommendations please let me know, it would be a real 

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