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Subject: [Leica] Digital Module R
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Mon Nov 29 09:38:14 2004

All absolutely true, Adam. I was responding to the couple people who
have been talking about getting D20s....MY advice re Canon would be to
get the MkII and Canon autofocus glass....But that's not the subject
here....There's no question that someone wanting to use R glass is going
to be happier with a camera designed for those lenses, that can take
advantage of all the features...And yes, of course you're paying for
features you don't use. But keep in mind that the autofocus itself is
built into the lenses, not the while it's part of the firmware
you're paying for, it's not part of the mechanics....

And no, there is no free lunch no matter which way one goes.

But IF someone now shooting Leica wants to get into digital immediately,
and use their R glass, Canon is the way to go. And if they're going that
way, it may make sense to go for one of the "pro" bodies.

But to each his own...

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There's down-side to B. D.'s advice, beyond that it's given from someone
who doesn't use the R system and may have no long-term experience with
the D1s and that's the investment in Leica glass. The Canon's do accept
Leica lenses but, as Nathan has pointed out, you have to do stop-down
metering and while the viewfinder is bright it's not as bright as what
you're moving away from on the R8/9. AND you're paying for features
you'll never be able to use with that Leica glass such as autofocus
which is built into the camera.

So then you look at moving into the Canon lenses which, while not quite
as expensive as Leica are pricey for the "L" series.

There's no free lunch, I'm afraid. 

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