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Subject: [Leica] digital analog comparison
From: images at (Tina Manley)
Date: Mon Nov 3 19:02:26 2008
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At 09:30 PM 11/3/2008, you wrote:
>Doug, Geoff, etc.
>I think comparing DMR/M8 pictures to scanned K25 film is not a fair 
>comparison.  I think what you have to compare is a well exposed K25 
>slide projected with a top of the line Pradovit Projector next to a 
>projected digital image with an EQUALLY PRICED digital 
>projector.  Maybe the several-grand (10 digit??) new Leica digital 
>Projector can impress next to the K25 slide but at some point (to me 
>at least) price performance becomes an issue too.
>Just the other day I looked at slides taken with my (now 
>unfortunately sold) Contax 645 and 120 Makro Planar on Fuji Provia 
>with my Rollei P11 dual format projector.  No projected digital 
>image I have seen to date can beat that brilliance!  Ther is a 
>reason multimedia slide projection enthusiasts are still going 
>strong in Germany.

Jan -

But whose ultimate output is a transparency to be viewed on a slide 
projector?  Even when pros used Kodachrome, the ultimate output was 
intended for print.  The Kodachrome had to be converted for a CMYK 
printing press.  The fewer conversions you have to go through, the 
truer your photo should be.  Today, the most direct route to print 
would be a digital RAW file. I'm sure the Leica digital projector 
will be fantastic - at about $15,000 - but I'm also sure I'll have 
more photos ending up in print rather than shown through the Leica projector.


Tina Manley 

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