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Subject: [Leica] M9 DNGs and Adobe
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 18:21:48 -0500

> For anyone interested:
> M9 users found that some DNG files caused crashes in Photoshop CS4 and
> Lightroom 2.6 (a particular RGB number combination). Adobe found a bug
> introduced when late changes were made to the Raw processing engine to
> improve rendition of M9 files. The current fix for LR2.6 users is to
> download and use LR2.6.1. The only change is the elimination of that bug 
> and
> it is only relevant for M9 users. The problem does not occur with the LR3
> beta (which also has significantly better rendition, noise reduction and
> sharpening powers).
> I have recently done a complete new clean install on a new sytem (64 bit,
> Yeah!)  and am only just catching up. I have found that the bug exists in
> Adobe Camera Raw 5.6 as well, however there is no ACR5.6.1 available
> currently. Adobe has acknowledged the issue with both LR and ACR and 
> reports
> that a fix will be available shortly. In the meantime I need to stay out of
> Adobe Camera Raw with M9 files and as a minor issue, trying to edit a DNG 
> in
> Photoshop (from LR) reports the mismatch in versions as well, once you
> install the LR2.6.1 although the cure is not yet here. I don't have the
> LR2.6RC (release candidate) any longer. It did not exhibit the crashing
> behaviour but I don't know if version matching was an issue there.
> Personally I am looking forward to the release of LR3 and I hope a cheap
> upgrade. Mant M9 owners tht already own LR are waiting to find out if they
> will be able to use their entitlement to download LR to receive LR3. We
> shall see.
> Incidentally, the X1 already has a standard profile (usable in both
> applications of course) although the S2 does not. Neither X1 DNG files  nor
> those from the S2 provoke the bug.
> Cheers
> Geoff
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Having had a close relationship with ADOBE for decades they supply the glue
which holds my entire life together  I can tell you they will have a
downloadable fix any day if not minute now.
On my computer such things are happening almost automatically. They restart
my computer twice a week with things going on. Apple. Microsoft. Adobe. Not
in that order.
With Adobe its good to leave it to dry out in the sun for a few days first.

Mark William Rabiner

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