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Subject: [Leica] Another M8 malfunction, this time with the thumbwheel
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:32:44 -0500

>> Yeah, old age bringing on schizophrenic tendencies.
>> My M8 is at Leica NJ and I can't even get through on the phone. I know
>> from USPS that it has been successfully delivered.
>> No chance in h?ll I'm buying an M9 unless it is less than $2K,
>> especially since part of the criteria for buying Leica is reliability.
>> Vick
> Except that its been plainly obvious from the get go that the M8 and M9 
> are as
> leagues apart in reliability as they are in price. And as they are in
> functionality.
> Yet there are those who will say why pay five grand more for a few more
> millimeters of format. And those are the guys who are never going to pull
> their heads out of the sand.
> One might search engine  "Leica M9".
> And keep an eye out in the near future for the growing body of work 
> produced
> by the camera which will become part of our collective visional conscious 
> in
> the next years. An effect which hardly happened with the first out M8.
> [Rabs]
> Mark William Rabiner
Instead of waiting and watching package tracking reports to the repair
people or Leica on your M8 just get an M9 and shoot with it. They spend much
less time in the mail.  They seem to give people nothing to complain about.
A camera in hand is worth two in the UPS and FedEx and USPS.
Make that three.

Mark William Rabiner

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