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Subject: [Leica] Beware HCB Wannabes
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 18:21:41 -0400

> I have no darkroom training and no darkroom, both of which conditions I aim
> to fix someday in the next year or two as I love black and white film. So
> these went to B&H and you'll notice if you look at it full size all kinds 
> of
> staining along the top and some threads and dust in the scanning as well.
> It's a crapshoot. Emphasis on crap.
> Also if you look at it large you'll get a very nice rendition of the Apollo
> Theater marquee sign.
> Thanks for the comments.
> Vince

Its frustrating working with undeveloped negs regardless if we do them or if
they do them. It just is going to happen sometimes.
I shoot C41 they almost never mess it up. It can be processed by trained
Orangutans with very little training or enhancements. (bananas)
The color neg process. And last I looked Ilford Xp2 was still made and that
could be run. One layer black and white they call it Chromogenic.  Iso 400
You get it back in a half an hour  and start working on them yourself or
have them put it all on a CD and have to wait a few days which is worth it
as you have stuff you can upload or email.
But I like the 800 PRO films.
They cost a bit more but they DO so much more
Kodak Portra-800 135-36 Professional Color Negative (Print) Film (ISO-800)
And the
Fuji  CZ 135-36 Fujicolor Press 800 Color Negative (Print) Film (ISO-800)

They never need to know you shot it  in color.
That's their theme song.

These films give results which in the 80's you'd think were done with iso
200 films grain and sharpness wise.

Its just more useful information the three layers.  yellow, magenta and
You can in effect "filter" as in green filter over camrea lens or whatever
color you want in the scanning or tweaking process.
It's like we died and went to heaven.

Mark William Rabiner

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