Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/12/17

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Winogrand/blind shooting
From: ted grant <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:55:39 -0500

Carl wrote:

<<<There have been times when doing news work photographing tightly mobbed
personages that I have resorted to the "Hail Mary" technique of
prefocusing with wide angle lens, holding camera up, pointing it down
and firing at perceived meaningful action. And I have made some nice
photos this way that would not have been possible from ground level or
unless I carried a stepladder>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi Carl,

You're not alone in that use of "Hail Mary shooting"!  I've done it in
similar situations and like you got some damn good pictures that I
otherwise would not have had..

But this post of "blind shooting" isn't about guys like you, me and others
in the LUG who have done it during our professional careers, working an

It's about people with a camera hanging around their neck or on their
shoulder or wherever and just blindly shooting at things from any old angle
the camera happens to be pointing. And that kind of gutless picture taking
is BS and they don't have the balls to put the camera to their eye and
shoot like a "real photographer!". That means composing, exposing and
capturing an event or moment that is right there in front of their face.

I realize the arguments are going to be fierce in regard to my comments as
some LUG members are, I guess pretty good at this technique. However I find
it totally useless and an irresponsible way of "taking pictures" Sorry I
mean exposing film!  

If they get a truly award winning picture dangling it around their neck by
"sneakily snapping away" doesn't necessarily make them photographers.

Damn lucky exposers of film is what they are.

Lets see what happens now I've committed myself to being burned at the
Tripod! :)