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Subject: [Leica] FS -- very old WWII? Leica binoculars
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 23:35:07 EDT

What I have here is a pair of very old and well-used Leitz binoculars, 6 X 
30, standard (not roof) prism variety, small-ish, apparently military, 
individually focusing eyepieces, which should tell you the age.

very badly brassed (I know some of you like that) and for an extra touch of 
versimillitude, the right side is hazy -- the prison mirroring inside has some 
corrosion. They are usable, but not all that much. Sort of like shooting with 
one of those Ur-Leica reproductions.

Come in a military-style very hard I am just guessing Bakelite case, or 
something, very sturdy, with a military style clip on the back and snap-type stubs 
on the bottom to fasten down inside a vehicle. All very rugged.

But, as I say, they are very badly worn, uncoated optics so I am guessing 
probably world war II vintage. I have no idea of their value, mostly I just hate 
to throw away anything marked Leitz.

So, first $35 to me gets them, and that includes $5 shipping. Offers 
entertained (I do yo-yo tricks, they love that stuff). please reply privately as I don't go through digests all 
that religiously.  

Charles Trentelman
Ogden, Utah 801-458-2151

danke schoen!
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