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Subject: [Leica] Canon 20D ;-)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Dec 2 18:49:17 2004
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Canon 20D! :-) :-) :-)

Hi Tina,
It's a whole new world out here! :-) Dang I'm having more fun than a barrel 
of monkeys! :-) The same kind of fun and awe feelings of the very beginning 
times of learning photography. :-)

Where I thought the Digilux 2 was quite a piece of digital magic, this 20D 
is half way around the world and back when you start to play with it.

No question the pixel numbers do seem to make a difference. Or whatever it 
is, the 20D creates some beautiful images quite different to the Digi 2. Not 
that the digi 2's images weren't great, they were as you well know how 
excited I was with it. However, this 20D is a camera like a camera should 
feel in these ancient hands. ;-) Or whatever it is, it's wonderful. :-)

I have the Leica-EOS adapter on order from Stephen Gandy, hopefully it'll be 
here early next week. I wondered if I shouldn't have ordered more than one 
and put them on the Leica lenses I would use most.

Or do you put the adapter on the camera and just change lenses leaving the 
adapter attached to the camera?  The other thought I had was, I'd see how 
well I worked with the Leica lenses doing manual focus on the tiny screen 
viewfinder, or look at a few fast Canon auto-focus lenses. Simply because 
the auto-focus is so fast and right on the mark it's quite amazing. Besides, 
I'm sure my tired old "one eye" ;-) is slipping sharpness slightly even with 
the R8 and it's brilliant screen as I seem to take longer to feel I'm right 
on the mark sharp.

Anyhow a question or two looking for guidance at your convenience. Thanks.

kindest regards,

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