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Subject: [Leica] Nathan's PAW 49: Thanksgiving in Almere
From: nicholsj at (Jim Nichols)
Date: Sun Dec 5 10:16:27 2004


Small bird bones,etc, are probably no problem for most dogs.  It's the
hollow, leg bones, of turkeys and chickens,etc, that splinter when crushed
in the dog's mouth that present a problem.  If the dog swallows the bone
with the splintered end entering the throat or intestine first, they can
easily become lodged in the dog's system and require surgery.

Beef and pork bones seldom splinter, so they are much safer for the canine
members of the family.

I use your website as a source of information quite often.  Keep up the
good work.

Jim Nichols

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> From: Karen Nakamura <>
> To: Leica Users Group <>
> Date: 12/5/2004 3:59:50 AM
> Subject: RE: [Leica] Nathan's PAW 49: Thanksgiving in Almere
> >Be careful giving poultry bones to the dog.  If the dog crushes the bone
> >and swallows a part of it, the splintered bone can get lodged in the
> >or intestines and require surgery.
> I never understood this. Don't dogs eat birds in the wild?
> What did wild dogs do before Iams came to their rescue?
> Karen
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