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Subject: [Leica] IMG: PAW 38 dlridings
From: dlr at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Mon Sep 24 07:01:33 2007
References: <> <001601c7fea7$27f2b700$2101a8c0@luispersonal>

Luis Ripoll wrote:

> for me is very difficult focus on my Rolleiflex 2,8E, I know
> that screens are improved on the F series, or I'll install maybe a Beattie
> intescreen.


My advice is to not change screens. The Beattie screens and the Maxwell 
screens are brighter, no doubt about it, but they are more difficult to 
focus. The image doesn't snap in and out of focus like it does with 
traditional ground glass. The fresnel image looks bright a sharp long 
before it is actually in focus.

I had one, I took it out and put the original back in.

On Rolleicords I do like something called a "Rolleigrid". It is a 
fresnel sheet that you place on top of the normal screen. The fresnel 
redirects the light from the dark corners back into the frame. It helps 
a lot and retains the ground glass characteristics when it comes to an 
image snapping in and out of focus.

Most of these, and all of the available light shots, were taken with a 
Rolleiflex 3.5E with an original screen. The Rolleiflex T has a plastic 
ground glass screen and I find it a little more difficult; probably 
because it has a focussing aid in the middle that sends you looking for 
a vertical line to use it on and I don't usually have a lot of those 
close to the eyes :-)



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