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Subject: [Leica] Website Experiments
From: leica at (R. Clayton McKee)
Date: Sat Nov 17 08:20:43 2007
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Quoth the Philippe Orlent :

> IMO:
> If they want to infringe, they will anyway. So...

Exactly.   If someone wants to steal your work, they will find a way, 
and unless you find out about it personally the chances are they're 
going to get away with it.  Nothing to be done except not post in the 
first place...  

The reason for the watermark or copyright notice, as far as I can 
see, is to eliminate the "innocent infringement" defense, essentially 
raising the stakes past what most companies are willing to risk.  If 
the copyright notice is in the image somewhere such that removing it 
involves opening the file in an editor and taking a specific action 
to remove the notice, that's prima facie evidence of intent to steal. 
That gets you up into the serious $150,000 teeth of the copyright 
law.  That's a lot of potential exposure to save a comparatively 
small user fee, and I can't think of very many corporate types (now 
that Mr. Lay has passed on) who'd approve of the performance of an 
underling who put the company in that position.

> Half the size, in a neutral typeface (Arial or so) and vertically
> put  in the left bottom corner.
> This will interfere the least with your photos.

I add a couple of steps and actually frame the image in a border  
(black or white depending). The copyright notice goes in the border, 
bottom right as though it were a signed mat. That way it doesn't 
interfere at all with the photo - it's not in the image space.  With 
a little practice it takes about 20 or 30 seconds extra per image.  
(admittedly I'm not posting a gallery of sixty or six hundred images 
at a pop... but the extra steps have never been a problem for me...)  

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