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Subject: [Leica] WARNING(virus check bypassed): Re: OT: Mac wannabees
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 04:49:43 +0000
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Viruses, spyware, etc. are one of the major reasons I switched, I have a PC 
upstairs that just sits there due to the constant problems, even after 
buying and using programs that would cure the problems.  Since switching to 
the Mac, not one problem.

But as you say everyone has their own preferences, I for one will not switch 
back to any PC.

Gene -------------- Original message from "R. Clayton McKee" <leica at>: --------------

> Quoth the Tina Manley :
> > I do not understand your logic here.  Mac is good because you can
> > run 
> > Windows on it?  Mac keyboards are good because you can adapt them to
> > be 
> > just like Windows?  Why should I pay twice as much so I can run
> > Windows 
> > programs on a Windows keyboard labeled as a Mac.  I don't
> > understand.
> It's a religious war.... The differences are largely inconsequential, 
> but people will still duel to the death over them.
> Canon vs. Nikon
> Ford vs. Chevy
> Hatfield vs. McCoy
> 21 years worth of PC's. (Currently 5.. 3 dual boot xp/Ubuntu(Gnome), 
> one (the big box) Ubuntu (KDE/Gnome) only, 1 XP-only netbook - the 
> linux boot is on an external drive when I feel inclined to be 
> untraceable.).  
> Never a virus, never a spyware, never a problem with them.  
> Once a year I reregister my free AV program, plug in the registration 
> number, and forget about it for 12 months.  Total time:  about 2 
> minutes per computer per year.  --
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