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Subject: Re: [Leica] Digital Leica M
From: "Mark S. Cohen" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 10:59:34 -0700

On Monday, September 1, 2003, at 07:08  AM, wrote:

> << Leica: A digital camera or back using the existing Leica M-lenses is
> presently not possible  because of the short lens to film plane 
> distance. >>
> This is Leica speak for saying we have no plans to implement a digital 
> Leica
> M. To say that the rear focal distance is too short is nonsense. The 
> distance
> between the rear element and the film plane is significantly greater 
> than 16
> mm in all but a few extreme wide angle lenses. Don't believe me. Mount 
> a lens,
> open the rear inspection door, and, usung a plastic ruler measure the 
> distance
> to the film plane. In most cases the distance will be over 30 mm. 
> Further the
> grazing angle applies only when a full frame CCD sensor is used. Most 
> digital
> cameras that adapt film lenses (Canon, Nikon) use partial frame 
> sensors that
> serve to increase the apparent focal length by 30 to 50%. Even if a 
> full frame
> CCD were used, a simple plastic overlay lens on the sensor could 
> correct the
> problem.


It's better to keep ones mouth shut and let people wonder what kind of 
fool you are, rather than opening it up and having them know.

If you really think you know to develop a digital M, why not instruct 
Leica on how to do it? Talk and criticism is cheap without action.
> Let's face it. The Leica M is at the end of its development as a useful
> photographic instrument. It is being marketed as a piece of prestige 
> photographic
> jewelry. Leica is speaking with a forked tongue

This statement is just plain inaccurate.

- -Mark C

> Larry Z
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