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Subject: [Leica] Canon 20D ;-)
From: abridge at (Adam Bridge)
Date: Thu Dec 2 23:17:08 2004
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You'll find that the Leica lenses are substantially more difficult to
focus on the 20D than on the R8. The viewfinder for the 20D is
designed for autofocus. So mount the 100 APO (which is now 160) but be
wary. You'll have to really zoom in on the image after you've shot it
to find out if you were in focus. I actually think you'll gravitate to
autofocus lenses for precisely that reason.

As was mentioned elsewhere the 24-70 F2.8L is a VERY fine lens. Not a
Leica lens but very very nice. The digital shots from the southwest
were all made with it although I was using a 10D and not the 20D.

Actually I think B. D. is right - the digital answer in the state of
the art is a 1Ds MkII that is full frame, 16.7 MPixel. This camera can
mount, and focus, Leica lenses and offers a wide variety of focusing
screens. At $8k US it's about the same price as a new R9 with a
digital back - assuming you can get one (and assuming you can buy the
Canon also since my dealer can't even extort a price quote out of
Canon on one at this point.)

Still, I'm glad you're having a great time exploring the 20D. I
strongly recommend turning on the extended range and seeing what you
can do at ASA 3200. Frankly I'm amazed. Digital noise isn't the same
as grain in very fast films and you may not like it, but I think it'll
open your eyes about shooting in natural light. Today I was out
working at 800 and 1600 to explore these very features. I'll post a
couple of examples.


On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 21:30:37 -0800, Ted Grant <> wrote:
> Karen Nakamura offered:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Canon 20D ;-)
> > The adapter is a pain to get on and off a lens. basically there is so
> > little clearance between the lens and the adapter that there is no place
> > to put a release switch. So it's easier to just leave it on the lens and
> > use the body release switch -- and get an adapter for each lens you 
> > use.<<<<<,
> Hi Karen,
> Thank you, will do so after I've given the adapter-Leica lens rig a try 
> next
> week.
> > Canon  L zooms are sweet but you'll be disappointed in their build 
> > quality
> > compared to Leica glass. A lot of plastic and polycarbonates used even 
> > in 
> > their highest end zooms.<<<,
> Well I'm not so concerned about how the things are put together or of what
> as long as the glass produces sharply cut images. So far the 16-35 zoom I
> have is quite an amazing image cutter on the memory card. Or so it appears
> on the screen. But what I am most interested in is... the effect of using
> Leica glass with this digital camera.
> So far from the comments of others using a Leica-EOS adapter system the
> Leica lenses work extremely well, which I expect to find out shortly 
> myself.
> However, although being of quick hands at focusing manually for many years,
> I am becoming, ( never thought I'd admit this in public,) ;-)  But I'm
> becoming very skilled at "auto-focusing" the subject. ;-)  we shall see. 
> ;-)
> ........"to be cont'd" ;-)
> ted 
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